Its all about the art!

  • Aubot eM:

Diagnosed at the age of 13 with Aspergers Syndrome (High Functioning Autism) with Dyslexia to boot!

Many  struggles through life, as most of us, but I felt just a little harder  for me, E.g. not Understanding Humour, taking everything literally  constantly being misunderstood & generally feeling suicidal until  around the age of 25.

When I supposed I'd either learn't enough to get by or just didn’t give a shit anymore.

Life goes on:
I built a bridge and I got over it “Yay”

So the Art Work!
This is what you really want to know about & I don’t want to write a thesis on my life I’m just here for the Art.

A couple of years age now well around 2-3 my Stepfather Leo was dying from the plague of us these days “Cancer”.

He  was a very good wood worker/carpenter he was also the best man I have  ever known in my life. He was kind and I’m lost the words here (BUT HE WAS REALLY COOL) He wasn’t afraid to tell me when I was being a shit either or talking shit, which I’ve been known to do.

I had a very great deal of respect for him & miss him very much.

When  the cancer really started to take its hold he needed to get rid of all  his tools, as he didn’t want to burden my mother with this task after he  had gone.

So he gave me quite a few of them.
I had already  been making some bits n  bobs out of old aircraft parts, e.g. coffee  tables out of the wheels & engine parts etc.
I really just wanted to impress him by somehow following his footsteps with the wood work etc.

Unfortunately it was only until he died, that my Art work really started to take shape.
So here we are.......